Where to start ?

Minimalism can be overwhelming at first. You don’t know where to start ?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you.

Let me just start by telling you my story (keep in mind that this article was written in November 2018, when I started minimalism)

About 8 months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed. I had no idea why. I had been back to France for 8 months and all I wanted was to go back to New Zealand, where I spent ten months between November 2016 and August 2017.

I also had another dream : Céline Dion in Vegas. I had been a fan for the last 10 years (at least!). I opened my Google browser, and ten minutes later, I had booked my tickets for the 31st of December.

I mean, Vegas, for New Years Eve? My dream was coming true !

I texted Judith (remember her ? She was the woman I stayed with in New Zealand, if you are new around here and don’t know me) on Whatsapp, saying I had two tickets for Céline ! She immediately said hell yeah !

After months of planning, everything was set : landing in LAX on the 15th of December and leaving on the 4th of January. 3 weeks of true happiness, meeting after almost 2 years apart!

I knew I had to travel light. Last time was just a nightmare, 20 kg reparted in my two bags. They where so bloody heavy, they were weighting me down! Immediately, I googled “how to travel light?”

And there it was. Minimalism. I had no idea what it meant. Let’s have a look, where are you Google ?

Lots of definitions, one caught my eyes straight away : less is more.

During months, I watched thousands of videos on the subject, and read articles, learning as much as I could.

As I learned about minimalism, I started decluterring my life of the excess and getting rid of everything I didn’t need.

My goal was : traveling carry on only. 7kg allowed. That’s it.

What will you find on this blog ? My journey to minimalism, my travels, my backpack, everything real.

Now that you know about my story, let’s get started right here !

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