How to survive long haul flights ?

I have been travelling for quite some time now and today I want to share with you my best tips on surviving long haul flights.

  • Choose your airline wisely. If you are only flying for a couple of hours, then you can choose a low cost company, which will save you some money. If your flight is longer than 6-8 hours, I would strongly recommend you take a more comfortable one. You will enjoy your flight way more, trust me !  And they also have excellent customer service, more legroom and real E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T on board !
  • Pack light. You will never have to worry about your bags getting lost by the company. You can just exit the aircraft with your bag and you are already on your way to explore the new city/country you are in.
    Don’t forget to have a look on the restricted items on the airline website !

  • Sleeping mask and earplugs are your best friends. You will need them, trust me, so pack them in your carry-on, easily accessible. If you have the budget, invest in a noice cancelling pair of headphones, it’s a life saver !
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the plane. Nobody wants to fly 15+ hours with skinny jeans on, it’s just torture. Wear leggings, comfy T-shirt and a hoodie. You might not look like a model but you will feel great !
  • Stay hydrated. I always pack a reusable water bottle in my bag. Remember, it has to be empty to go through security but after that, you can fill it up as many times as you want ! When you are on the plane, the A/C will dry your skin so fast. I never wear moisturizer in my day to day life, but if you do, bring some for the plane. Don’t forget your lip balm ! 🙂
  • Try to get some sleep. I know it can be real hard to fall asleep on the plane, between crying babies, the lights on, the crew passing by to give your meal. But if you want to avoid jetlag, try sleeping as much as you can, you will feel much better at your destination.
  • Window or aisle ? If it’s a short flight, window. If it’s a long haul flight, give me an aisle seat !
  • Stay away from the alcohol. This one is the hardest one. I mean, who doesn’t love free booze ? I know you might think it’s a good idea to help pass the time or it will help you go to sleep but you will just feel groggy. The last thing you want is a massive hangover with dry mouth to your first day in a new place, don’t you think ?

Do you have any other tips ? Comment below 🙂

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