Hi guys, today I want to talk about American Airlines. I flew with them last week and I wanna share my experience with you guys.

  • Flights : I flew from Paris to Dallas – Forth Worth International Airport and then from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California. The first one was 10 hours long and the second one (only!) 3 hours long.
  • Aircraft : Airbus 787 and Airbus 321
  • Boarding process : As always, I was always early at the airport and I would rather wait a bit than being late, rushing through security and running to reach the right gate. It was the first one for me as a carry-on only traveller. I had everything with me. My 40L backpack, that’s all I needed. Find out how to travel light right here.Going back to the boarding process, at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (the biggest one in France), it was a bit long but really efficient.

    I mean, we are boarding an airbus, not a small aircraft ! Finding your way through the airport can be quite tricky, but I definitely had no trouble finding the right gate. The staff was really professional, and we boarded by groups.Dallas on the other side was a bit of a pain. Of course I had to go through customs (thank god my flight from Paris was an hour early !). I went to the kiosk, scanned my passport and then I had to wait in the queue (was soooo long!) to see an officer. If it’s your first time in the US, they will ask a lot of questions like : why are you coming to the US ? How long are you staying ? Where will you be in the USA ?During my flight this time, I got stopped at least three times because I was travelling carry-on. I had no idea this could be seen as suspicious. Maybe they are not used to people only travelling carry-on yet 😊

  • Comfort on-board

    Flight Paris – Dallas : I flew in the economy class, can’t really afford a first class ticket ! I chose the 37C seat, which pretty much was the last row of the plane. I loved the leather seats ! 😊 Because I was sitting at the back of the plane, nobody was behind me, I could recline my seat, without annoying anyone ! The reclining seats were comfy, but I have to admit, the leg  space was a bit small. I’m 1.70m high (5’9’’), and I was a bit crammed. About halfway through the flight, we had about 45 minutes of turbulences. I could see people stressing out but I went to sleep, and it went quickly !Flight Dallas – Los Angeles : It was a smaller aircraft (3 seats on each side of the aisle). The plane was so full! They were not enough space for everyone to put their carry on in the overhead compartments. No inflight entertainment, the crew told us to download the American Airlines to get free WI-FI on board and access their entertainment system on your phone or tablet. I tried, didn’t work and then the stewardess told me that it isn’t really reliable…

  • Meals : Right after the take off, the crew gave us some mini pretzels to eat. Quickly after that, they offered us a drink. I had a glass (two?) of wine. I mean, who doesn’t like free booze ? We had two choices for lunch : either a meat pie with mashed potatoes and spinach or pasta with mushrooms sauce. I went for the pastas. The food was hot enough, but the sauce was a bit watery. Apart from that, the rest of the meal was good. I mean, it’s aircraft food, what do you expect ? About halfway through the flight, we even had an ice cream ! Never had an ice-cream on a plane before ! The food on Emirates was way better than the one from American Airlines.On the flight to Los Angeles, there is food for purchase, but we still had pretzels (the same as in the other flight) and a drink. I went for apple juice this time 😊
  • Entertainment system : I have to admit, I found this one way better than the Emirates one (see my review right here !). Really easy to use, with a lot of great movies, online wi-fi, seat to seat chat.
  • Inflight service : The crew was just amazing. Always here to help, kind, professional. The same goes for the second flight 😊
  • Passenger information : As I was flying from Paris, all the information from the crew to the passengers were both in English and French. All the information were given to us through the 10” tablet, with great videos, really easy to understand. My second flight was a domestic one, so everything was in English 😊