What should you do with your clutter ?

First of all, I would strongly recommend you reading my article “How to declutter ?

Now that you have decided what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of, here is how you should responsibly dispose of your clutter.

  • Re-use.
    • example : you can use old T-shirts as rags. I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.


  • Donate. Anything that is in good condition and you know can bring value to someone else, just drop it at your local charity shop. When I downsized my life, I donated everything !
    • examples : Emmaüs (France), Goodwill (USA), Salvation Army (New Zealand)
  • Sell. I would suggest trying to sell stuff is it’s worth 20$ or more, otherwise I feel that it is a waste of your time. You will put the stuff aside waiting for someone to buy them, and they will probably find a way back in your home.
    • examples : Leboncoin (France), Craiglist (USA), Trade me (New Zealand)