What kind of minimalist are you ? [Poll]

Hi there! Today is game day!

In this article, I’ll talk about different types of minimalism. At the end, they will be a poll 🙂

  1. Esthetic Minimalism : You like the minimalism lifestyle for its aesthetic. Scandinavian feeling of a place, white walls, white bedding, clean spaces, cozy feeling.
  2. Essentialist Minimalism : You are an essentialist. You want to live with the bare minimum. The most frequent question you ask yourself is : How much can I live without. I definitely fall into this category, as I want to pack my all life in a 40L backpack.
  3. Experiential Minimalist : You want to live a life “worth living”. For you, the pursuit of experiences if far more important that the pursuit of having things cluttering your life. I also fall in this category.
  4. Sustainable Minimalist : For you, minimalism equals ecology. You are tired of this consumerism driven society, and it’s impact on our planet. You like the zero waste lifestyle, reducing our impact on our planet. You are doing everything to reduce your carbon footprint on our Earth.
  5. Thrifty Minimalism : Saving money is key for you. You like the minimalism lifestyle because it allows you to save money. You could spend your day in thrift stores, finding pieces of clothing for next to no money, having roommates to save money on rent, selling your car and ride your bike/walk to save on car bills and payment. You also hang out to things in case you need them for the future.
  6. Mindful Minimalism : For you, minimalism is all about intention and purpose. You like the peace of mind that comes with this minimalism lifestyle. You like practicing yoga, meditation to find that inner peace.

I would like to thank you this article https://chaarg.com/6-types-of-minimalism/ for the inspiration!

And you, what kind of minimalist are you?