Personality and clutter

It’s silent. It’s sneaky. It creeps about in corners: clutter! 

We all deal differently with clutter. 

Today I want to talk about the different clutter personalities. 

  • The Hoarder “this might come in handy sometimes !”
  • The Deferrer : “I’ll think about it tomorrow !”
  • The Rebel : “I don’t wanna and you can’t make me!”
  • The Perfectionist: “Next week, I’ll organize everything–perfectly!”
  • The Sentimental : “I can’t get rid of it, I am just too attached to it”
  • The Instagram Minimalist : On his feed, you will find perfect pictures of what a minimalist place should you like. Not pictured : the chair with a week’s worth of clothes piled on top of it.
  • The “I can’t decide” type : They just defers decisions, resulting in stuff piling up everywhere.
  • “The Best Is Behind Me” type : They are focused on the past, and they are drowning in stuff from the past instead of moving forward.

What personality do you think you are ? Comment below ! 🙂 

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