What do I carry on a daily basis ? 

Because human nature doesn’t like when something is empty, we feel like we need to fill our handbag with stuff (receipts, hair products, beauty care products, sometimes a woman’s handbag can look like a true supermaket !)

I only rarely use a handbag, but i will use one on my travels, to safely carry my passport with me at all time (hate that money belt thing, makes me sweat a lot).

Back to my day to day life. I carry : my phone, my car keys (house keys stays in my car) and my minimalist wallet. That’s it. Pretty minimalist, right ?

What’s in my minimalist wallet ?

Think about it. We all have a wallet/purse. How much clutter can be accumulated in it? We carry it everyday, but when was the last time you have emptied your purse/handbag/wallet ?

Between receipts, loyalty cards, bits and pieces, those everyday items can be quite heavy.

About 2 months ago, (March 2018) I decided to empty my wallet. My grandma had just passed away and we were going through her house, cleaning and emptying everything. And then I found it. A simple wallet, which belonged to my grandpa, minimalist. Not fancy, perfect.

Update 2019 : My old wallet just died and I had to buy a new one at the market, all leather, and it still fits inside my pocket!

It could hold everything I needed :

  • ID
  • driving license
  • Health card and insurance
  • Credit card
  • Few important receipts

And what about coins and cash?

I don’t really use cash, but when I have some, I do have a small wallet with two sides, one for notes and the other one for coins, just like my father (like father, like daughter !).

And the best part, everything fits in my pocket! I no longer have to drag my handbag/purse everywhere, and I feel so free!

I also can’t live the house with my rings on, and my watch. Without them, I feel nacked.

If i don’t have a purse, where do I put everything ? Well, in my pockets.

Phone in front pocket of my pants or jacket.
Keys in my jacket or in my locker at work.
Wallet in my inner pocket of my jacket.

Could you live without a purse/handbag ? Comment below 🙂