What do I carry on a daily basis ? 

As we have seen previously in my “minimalist wallet” article, I don’t really own a purse. I feel like it’s one more thing to think about before leaving the house.

Because human nature doesn’t like when something is empty, we feel like we need to fill our handbag with stuff (receipts, hair products, beauty care products, sometimes a woman’s handbag can look like a true supermaket !)

I only rarely use a handbag, but i will use one on my travels, to safely carry my passport with me at all time (hate that money belt thing, makes me sweat a lot).

Back to my day to day life. I carry : my phone, my car keys (house keys stays in my car) and my minimalist wallet. That’s it. Pretty minimalist, right ?

I also can’t live the house with my rings on, and my watch. Without them, I feel nacked.

If i don’t have a purse, where do I put everything ? Well, in my pockets.

Phone in front pocket of my pants or jacket.
Keys in my jacket or in my locker at work.
Wallet in my inner pocket of my jacket.

Could you live without a purse/handbag ? Comment below πŸ™‚