If you are searching for minimalism inspiration on minimalism and travel, here are some of the people who inspired me in this lifestyle ! 

Disclaimer : They probably have no idea I am talking about them, I am not paid to do it ! It’s just my opinion 🙂 

My favourite Minimalists : 

Lia’s loft

Lia is one of my favorites Youtubers. On her channel, she talks about minimalism, simple living. Her videos are really easy to understand, and I love her point of view.

Link to her channel :

Matt d’Avella

If you have never heard of him, I strongly recommend you watching the documentary “Minimalism : a documentary about the important things” on Netflix. He is the one who made it. On his channel, he talks about minimalism (of course !) and has great podcasts!

Link to his channel :

Vicky from

Vicky started her minimalist journey about 3 years ago. On her channel, she speaks in French about her journey and how minimalist helped her to get out of debt. I really like how she talks about saving money 🙂

Link to her channel : 

Ronald L. Banks

He just reached 500 subscribers on Youtube, but let me tell you, this guy is
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! On his channel, he talks with simplicity about poetry and minimalism. He keeps his videos short and straight to the point and I love that ! 

Link to his channel :

My favorite Travellers : 


Oh Aly ! So much fun watching your videos! Her channel is all about travel, you won’t find any minimalism videos over there, but Aly is so simple, honest. She wrote a book “Travel to Trauma” (released mid-October 2018), and it was amazing. Go, go, go read it ! 

Link to her channel :

Hopscotchtheglobe (Kristen & Siya)

I have been following their channel for years, and they keep surprising me ! About a year ago, they bought a Airstream and decided to live in full time, running their business on the road. What an inspiration ! They recently had a baby girl, and they will be traveling with her soon. 

Link to their channel :


L’éloge de la légèreté
Dominique LOREAU

This French book is a great summary of minimalism. You will find ideas on how to declutter your life, why we keep sentimental items… It’s also a very easy read. Must be one of my favorite book ! 

The life-changing magic of tidying up
Marie Kondo

One of THE most famous books on the subjet. Marie Kondo is a consultant in Japan. She helps people tidying up their houses and finding joy in the process. Her method implies taking every item of your household and ask “Does this spark joy ?”. I think it is a hard read but it’s definitely worth it !

Facebook Groups

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