Disclaimer : This article was written in December 2018.

Ok. So I wanna travel the world. Light. With only a carry on.

I need money to travel, I mean a little at least. I knew I had to save some money. As I started my minimalism journey, I thought about my consumerism behavior. I felt the weight of all the ads and the commercials, and I said enough ! If I am declutering and removing the excess then I don’t want to buy some more stuff and be cluttered again with all that sh*t.

Lets be real, I knew it would be a hard process.

I earned 1400€ per month, my rent was 450€, and my goal was to save at least 600€ per month. Sounds huge, right ?

I had 350€ to live with. Let’s say I need to refill my tank twice a month, that’s 100€. And then I used the rest to go groceries shopping or went to the market with friends. I knew I wanted to eat some real nice food while saving money. Farmers Market was the place to go.

After 8 months, I had saved more than 6000€ (thanks to the tips from happy customers at work), had bought my flight tickets and booked accommodation. Everything was perfect. I was ready to leave.