Is Minimalism a trend ?

My answer : yes and no.

Yes. Why ?

Just type the word “minimalism” on Google or #minimalist on Instagram, and you will see, it really does is a trend. If you have a look at the pictures, it’s a global movement. People are tired of the consumerism-driven society, where if you buy more, you will be happier. But it isn’t true. You will end up with credit card debts and living paycheck to paycheck and let me tell you, there’s no way to live.

They want to experience living with less stuff, the freedom of choosing experiences over stuff, and I can certainly relate.

They would rather buy quality items over quantity.

Minimalism is all about making room for what’s important, consuming less and living more, being kinder to the planet, and enjoying some simplicity.

No. Why ?

Minimalism isn’t a new word. People have been living in tiny houses and vans since forever.

As Dominique Loreau said in her book (my inspirations just here) we all are minimalists. But as we are trying to get rid of our stuff and live a more simple life the marketing is targeting us with more and more stuff. You have certainly seen some Kickstarter campaigns stating : “This is the best minimalist backpack ever”, or on internet “30 items every minimalist should own”. Don’t let them fool you with these words. You are in control, if you want to get rid of stuff, don’t buy these “minimalist-like” stuff, it’s just more clutter !

What to you think ? Comment below 🙂

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