So you want to declutter your life? Great!

In this article, I will give you some tips and famous methods of decluttering.

Tips and tricks :

  • Document yourself. Google and YouTube are your best friends. Try taping “miminalism”, “how to begin with minimalism?”. You can also find some inspiration of my article : Minimalism Inspirations
  • Start small. Don’t try to declutter your house all at once, you will feel overwhelmed for sure. Pick a drawer, a closet, a room if you feel up to the challenge. Baby steps are always best. And remember, it’s a lifestyle change, do it at you own pace.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all different. Your definition of minimalism won’t be the same as mine. I know it’s hard because you can feel guilty “I am not a minimalist, I have too much stuff”, “I can’t get rid of everything, how can I be considered as a minimalist?”. Relax. For some people, I am not a minimalist either and that’s fine. As long as you are proud of yourself, that’s the most important.
  • Celebrate every little step! don’t go shopping but treat yourself with a massage, a coffee with your best friend.
  • At first, keep it for yourself. Your friends and family might not understand why you are decluttering, and might try to talk you out of it, and might call you crazy.

Methods :

  • Packing party : Start by packing up your house in boxes, as if you were moving in the next few days/weeks. If you need something, pick it up in the box. After 30 days/60 days, as long as you are ready, get rid of the remaining items in the boxes.
  • Minimalism game : Try doing it with a friend, it’s fun and you can challenge him/her during the process. On the first day, you need to get rid of one item. On the second day, get rid of two. On the third day, get rid of three. When I say get rid of something, try donating/recycling/upcycling the item first. If you can’t do it, trashing the object should be your last resort. At the end of the month, you should have decluttered about 500 items!